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 Dead by Daylight (Xbox One):Lidl-pl

Dead by Daylight (Xbox One):Lidl-pl

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Azrael Reply to on 25 June 2017
Great game that deserves better scores than it's been getting for console.
This is 4 survivors vs 1 killer.
To survive you must activate 5 generators which will power the controls to an escape door. The killer must hunt down and sacrifice as many of the survivors as they can and prevent their escape.
This is an Independent Game. It's not from an established studio. But it's still excellent.
- You choose if you play as a Survivor or Killer.
- Matchmaking is very good right now. If you pick Survivor or Killer you will get a game quickly.
- If the Killer quits because he's doing poorly, the Survivors all get an XP reward.
- If you get killed as a Survivor you can quit the match, get your XP and nobody is penalised. The match carries on for everyone else and you are free to start a new one.
- The game rewards cooperation and this encourages survivors to help each other so most of the time they do.
- You're going to suck as a level 1 Survivor and probably struggle as a level 1 Killer. Manage your expectations. Learn to play. It doesn't take too long to get the hang of it and once you realise this then the game is more fun and you can be encouraged by progression.
- There are many Audio Cues to things that are happening in game. A decent Gaming Headset will really compliment this game.
Graphically the game is fine. Some games look better and that's because they've got the same budget as a Hollywood Blockbuster. The graphics do the job fine for this game.
Audio for this game is exceptional. Audio cues make a Gaming Headset a huge advantage.
Gameplay seems very simple at first but as you continue you realise it's much more complex. The first few times you get a "Skill Check" while you're completing an action like fixing a Generator or Healing a colleague you'll fail and think it's ridiculous. But eventaully you'll recognise the Audio Cue for the Skill Check and because you're prepared you'll usually hit it easily.
Expect to get murdered early on and have fun with abandon. As you become more experienced with the game you'll find success with both Survivors and Killers alike.
Great game. There are very few other games out there like it.
C. YABRUDY Reply to on 17 October 2017
This game is VEEERRRY different. The premise is simple. One map (could be Forrest style or Michael Myers Street) and for the four survivors who have to power up generators dotted around the map vs the one killer player who walks around trying to hunt the survivors and place them onto hooks to be sacrificed. Sounds easy. But Nooo.... OBJECTIVE: power up 5 generators so that two exit gates can be powered up allowing survivors to escape the map. You could call this a fancy escape the room but with less treasure hunting, more fear and unreal engine graphics.
Generators are subject to skill check zones that if failed, sparks fly and the killer is alerted to your location... so a faint heartbeat sound becomes louder as the killer (could be the nurse who can blink(teleport) hillbilly with a charging chainsaw), approaches and no you must run for your life and outsmart the killer using your surroundings.
ITEMS are also available to help like a toolbox that speeds up repairs or Medkits that allow you to heal each other faster.
Abilities will be mixed unless you go into the game with 4 players with headsets that can all communicate. It’s also a way to invite someone into the chat party who may not already be part of your two or three clan of friends you already have.
In the game you get points for things like repairing, opening chests you find, opening the exit gates to be able to escape the map or saving other survivors from hooks. Of course you can choose not to save them
Or not be able to which can lead to other players who get left to die feel like their team should have got them. The game whilst the premise is repetitive, different things will happen. You could die right at the start or sometimes make it to the end. Different perks can be purchased such as spine chill (tells you if killer is looking in your direction within a 36 meter radius) or sprint burst (speed increase of 150% for 3 seconds) which can mean the difference between making it out alive on a run towards the exit).
The only downside is that this game wasn’t made by Microsoft so net connection is between players. Lobby system is nil so there isn’t an order and the killer is technically the lobby host. Sometimes you can be waiting for 10 mins and the 4th survivor never shows or because of the buggy nature of the game, which they are working to iron out with updates as time passes, the game can sometimes crash or be unresponsive as you go into the game with a bonus that you’ll no longer have if it freezes.
If you buy this because your kid wants to play it there isn’t anything in it aside from horror themes. No story. No dialogue. Just actions. Not even a chat room between players so you don’t HAVE TO speak to Amy other players if you don’t want to. If they fail at something and rude messages are received (just like can happen in any game), just tell your kids to report them and the other player will get cautioned by Xbox/PLayStation.
It’s great fun continuously and worth the £19.99 price tag rather than £60-80 for larger ticket games. Graphics aren’t in 4k or anything like that but good enough to be enjoyable in 2017.
Kayleigh Reply to on 17 July 2017
I bought this game a few days ago and I haven't been able to put it down since. It's such a simple game but so addictive. There are basically two game modes, you can either play as a survivor or a killer. In each match that you play it consists of 4 survivors and one killer, (match making is quick and easy) .
- if you choose to play as a survivor, the aim of the game is to repair and power all of the generators, you can then power the exit gates and escape. Obviously whilst doing all of this you are trying to evade the killer who can find you at any point and chase, catch and sacrifice you on a meat hook. If you can't see the killer you know when he is near because of your terror radar - which is an audio sound of a heart beat, the closer the killer is the louder and faster your heart beat is. If a survivor is injured you can heal them which you gain blood points (XP) for, you can also gain bloodpoints from co op play, escaping the killer and repairing the generators. As a horror game it is genuinely scary playing as a survivor.
- if you play as a killer, your main aim is to catch all four survivors, and place them on a meat hook to be sacrificed. This then stops gameplay because if you catch and kill them all they cannot escape so you win. You can get bloodpoints as a killer from chasing the survivors, hitting the survivors, catching them, killing them, and destroying generators.
- in each game mode (survivor/killer) you can play as a different character, each character has a different power. You can level up your characters by collecting bloodpoints during gameplay and using them to unlock things in the bloodweb.
- all I can say is it might sound difficult and confusing but the best thing to do is get the game and play it, all will make sense. It's a brilliant game and I would recommend to anyone.
A. C. Smith
A. C. Smith Reply to on 9 July 2018
This game is easily one of my all time favourites however that does not take away from the awful cons of this game

The community: The community of the game is extremely toxic in quite a few areas. At this point most of the killer community expects at the end of the game to be harassed and called names regardless of their skill and whether or not they won. Don't get me wrong trash talking is fine but a "KYS you're not good lol noob l2p I hope you die" four times a game after a few games gets kinda irritating especially if you played fairly and won.
Many players (this one applies to killers as well) also like to HEAVILY antagonise the other player base. Essentially a lot of survivors disregard anything a killer says as bs or whining and a lot off killers disregard everything survivors say because "they have it easy" (which OBVIOUSLY is not always true and even if it were that's not a good reason).

The game: The game suffers from a wide range of game-breaking bugs and imbalances (ill go into more later in the next section). Examples include (most if not all of these have been fixed but that doesn't make them any less stupid or game-breaking) : survivors spawning in rooms with no exits, killers not being able to correctly hear in game sounds, any killer being able to equip a chainsaw, killers being able to equip survivor perks allowing them too see survivors through walls, hag teleporting outside of the map, TWO KILLERS SPAWNING INTO A MATCH WITH THREE SURVIVORS.
and many more.

The balancing (or lack there of): The game is heavily balanced in the survivors favour and every survivor once all perks are unlocked are equally strong. Many games are not winable as killer with a majority of killers simply because the survivors are so strong. A survivors main objective (to escape by powering gens) can be achieved so quickly in some cases they can be almost finished before it is even possible for the killer to make any significant progress. Not only that but the presence of perks that straight up just give extra chances to escape are extremely popular (many of these are however being re-worked). There is however a killer as well who is ridiculously powerful. The nurse. She is IMMENSELY difficult to learn and master but once she has been it is practically impossible for you as the killer for you to lose. Whether or not she is difficult she should not be able to outright make it impossible for a survivor win. Luckily for survivors there aren't that many pro nurse players at most ranks.

The Devs: The dev team working on DBD may in the near-ish future close down due to recent legal disputes against Bethesda. If Bethesda were to "win" against Warner Bros and BEhaviour the money lost by BEhaviour could possibly cause severe issues down the line to DBD's development and sadly could end its development. Obviously this hypothetical and none of this could occur in the end I just thought it was important knowledge for someone going into this kind of game.


Like I said I love this game and believe when it works it is incredibly fun so if you can afford it and think you cope with the aforementioned issues go ahead and pick it up! It's a blast.
Fanboy Reply to on 11 September 2017
Is this a good game? Firstly as others have mentioned, a stable connection is needed. And the game has had the odd twitch and locked up. If you expect some long campaign or solo play missions, you will be disappointed. The game is a one trick pony. 4 survivours, 1 killer 5 generators to start. And that's it, no veriation in missions. The terrain changes and is randomly generated that changes thing a bit. Yet it is weirdly addictive. The survivors have number to choose from. There is a skill tree for each survivor that give you extra and enhanced items for the game. There can be a nice feeling of calabrative working. You can then play up to 8 killers. Each one has very unique play styles, and has a skill tree similar to survivors. This is a great filler game or if the style of it takes you then many hours playing each killer or survivor. It feels like a good xbox arcade game so the price should reflect that. I think £20 is realy the top they should charge for this. For me I enjoyed it, not a five star but enough to keep me going back just for one more game.
Tom Clements
Tom Clements Reply to on 31 July 2017
This game is fantastic however for some people who's internet is not as stable it is impossible to play as the killer as there internet cannot support everyone else in the game. Due to this most people are trying to be survivors and it is very hard to find a game. However, if you are like me and have a good internet it is really easy to find a game as a killer. If you have an unstable internet and are planning to get the game I would recommend not to buy it just yet and wait until they make an update preventing this issue.
Nathan Reply to on 21 October 2017
Great game
les Reply to on 24 August 2018
spot on as expected.thank you
Luke P.
Luke P. Reply to on 15 April 2018
Arrived on time
Must have game for any horror fan
MR Reply to on 29 July 2018
great product
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