Lidl-pl Excelvan Portable Electric Grill Indoor Barbecue with Large Easy Cleanup Cooking Surface and Thermostat Drip Tray,1400W (Black,S):Lidl-pl
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Excelvan Portable Electric Grill Indoor Barbecue with Large Easy Cleanup Cooking Surface and Thermostat Drip Tray,1400W (Black,S):Lidl-pl

Excelvan Published in September 23, 2018, 3:01 am
 Excelvan Portable Electric Grill Indoor Barbecue with Large Easy Cleanup Cooking Surface and Thermostat Drip Tray,1400W (Black,S):Lidl-pl

Excelvan Portable Electric Grill Indoor Barbecue with Large Easy Cleanup Cooking Surface and Thermostat Drip Tray,1400W (Black,S):Lidl-pl

Price:£24.99+ Free shipping with Nativetribes Prime

ryan Reply to on 22 February 2017
Right. Open a window( place under an extractor fan would be ideal)Follow the in keep water in the reservoir and enjoy the sweetness of grilled foods indoors. Soak and wash with non abrasives. It will serve you up splendid food tone and time again. It came from China...IN 4 DAYS!
Adil Reply to on 1 February 2018
The grill is really good. I have been using this for a few weeks now and the non stick is still good as new as i use non stick tongs and utensils with it.
The heat is fairly even although slightly more above the heat rods.
Has a drip tray for all that fats or marinate or whatever you have to drip in there through the nicely spaced and sized holes which allow the fat etc to drip through. You do get a nice char mark with this grill and depending on what heat you need to cook your beef chicken etc you have 6 heat settings well 7 including 0 all the way upto 6. I use mine around the 3 mark which is good for chicken and burger patties as you dont wana leave the inside raw and burn the outing.
Overall great grill awesome value for money and i highly recommend it.
Mrs Martin
Mrs Martin Reply to on 16 September 2017
Cooks food beautiful ordered for when away in caravan takes around 15 mins to heat up and does not cook at a real high temperature so cooks food delish low wattage too took around 45 mins to cook quarter pound burgers,sausage the chicken kebabs need around 50/55mins. Also real easy to clean great product
5# Reply to on 17 July 2018
I have used this grill approx 3 times in the month that i have had it,although a good idea! The controls are not the best, i do think the grill should have had numbers rather than dots, or perhaps marked with low,medium,high.
The top plate was okay but i found a few drips after use on the electric element (not good) also the underneath of the grill plate is very hard to clean and grease will stick to the plate causing built up grime. As stated the concept is good but lack of thought has let it down.
Certain foods were okay to cook on the grill and chicken wasn't one of them as the chicken was very dry, as for steak you need a high heat just to sear the steak, Sausages and bacon were fine to cook on the grill, I really wished that this grill had of been better, sadly i am returning it.
Monika Smith
Monika Smith Reply to on 7 June 2017
Very pleased with the product. Takes little room and can be easily stored or taken away as a portable grill. First time cooked mackarel and that came out delicious. It's no-stick indeed. Easy to clean, although don't expect to come out perfectly clean underneath the girl or the tray.
I'll pack away our coal BBQ now!
The only slight downside is that we cook all at the highest setting and wished that speed of cooking was the medium setting. My husband suggested we buy another one to be able to cook more things simultaneously.
WEALTH007 Reply to on 12 December 2017
Superb. Delicious seafood -squid, king prawns, fish. Also steak, lamb chops, sweetcorn, spring onions etc. Used with friends for Korean BBQ and so good ordered 2 more. Great product and price.
SFM Reply to on 10 July 2018
Great little inexpensive BBQ for outdoor use. Perfect size for a couple of burgers and 4 sausages at the same time. Have done pork, chicken, skewers too. Cooks meat perfectly. We don't have an issue with having to pre-heat it for 10 mins and I honestly can't say that it cooks the food too slowly. Have been using it a lot in the past 6 weeks as an outdoor BBQ on our patio. Cleans and stores easily. Would recommend.
Robert W.
Robert W. Reply to on 27 May 2017
So far so good, only used it a few times but good results each time either indoors or out. Liked the smoke free cooking and even though it doesn't seem to generate the heat of a charcoal or gas bar-b-q it gets the job done and cooks evenly without burning. Well pleased.
gary james moore
gary james moore Reply to on 6 May 2018
Amazing little grill!!! Takes a little while to start warming but once its hot its great. Element provides even heat across the cooking surface and adjustable temperature setting seem to work well. I had a george forman bbq but this is far superior! Heats more evenly and gets hotter and cooks quicker. Cleans up well, and nice and small to store. Only down side is the size..... its a bit small - will only hold 6 large burger, but at this price i brought another for those family bbq occasions.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 7 March 2017
Really good grill abit small but loved it so much I ordered another one I also like that it's nonstick easy to clean and you can control the heat with the button on the side.
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