Lidl-pl Quest Benross Quest Electric Teppanyaki Grill, 2000 Watt:Lidl-pl
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Quest Benross Quest Electric Teppanyaki Grill, 2000 Watt:Lidl-pl

Quest Published in September 23, 2018, 2:12 am
 Quest Benross Quest Electric Teppanyaki Grill, 2000 Watt:Lidl-pl

Quest Benross Quest Electric Teppanyaki Grill, 2000 Watt:Lidl-pl

Price:£24.95+ Free shipping

Shuna Reply to on 15 July 2016
This is a fantastic piece of kit, bought as we love a BBQ but hate the great British weather and how uncertain it is. Now all we do is plug it in to an extension lead whenever we fancy and away we go inside or outside. Make sure you use silicon tongs to avoid scratching the surface of the grill, so far I have cooked on this burgers, sausages both fresh and frozen, eggs, onions, mushrooms, toms, steaks and chops and probably a few more but you get the idea .The food tastes lovely - obviously not char grilled but I am not a fan of the burnt on the outside raw in the middle food anyway! The thermostat takes a little time to get used to but once you get the right temperature you cant go wrong. There is a drain hole for the oil which leads to a pull out tray to empty afterwards. Cleaning is very straight forward due to the non stick coating; once it has cooled a soft cloth or sponge over with some soapy water and rinse is fine. Ive used mine so far around 15 times and cant fault it.
cazzab Reply to on 2 June 2016
Quick delivery , well packed. I already have one of these and think it's brilliant. You can cook outside or inside. No waiting for charcoal, hotter and quicker than I ever expected.
Does a great English breakfast but most of all I think it cooks eggs brilliantly.
Roken Reply to on 7 March 2018
I bought this for one thing, and one thing only, and that was full English breakfast, and I have to be honest. Bacon, eggs, sausage,tomatoes and mushrooms all done in one go, without a bucket load of fat left over (the eggs needed rings, of course) but the job was well done. Currently doing my bacon sandwich supper bacon on it)

Easy to cook on, easy to clean, and easy to store. Wondering where this has been my whole life.
Pal Reply to on 16 June 2018
Really nice grill, and so versatile. Have used it for crepes, burgers , pancakes, veggies, etc.
Heats up quickly, and need to keep regulating the temp, but at this price, its a fantastic grill.
Gave 4 stars because it just sounded like there was a loose screw/nut somewhere inside the charging unit, and that you cannot remove the pan from the base, meaning you have to clean it carefully without wetting the electrical bits.
But overall, would totally recommend buying this, especially for parties or even a good family dinner.
Paul Lunney
Paul Lunney Reply to on 3 June 2016
working great, just the right size for me, cheap enough, but watch for smoke if you fill it up with burgers, with no oil you can burn real quick, so start on full, turn down when at temp, then grill away, o' and one other thing, it's quick, it cooks real quick,
Eileen Steele
Eileen Steele Reply to on 18 June 2018
When we turned it on it was great.After a few seconds we thought it had stopped working.Found out that it heats up and cools down then heats up etc.Its great for the caravan.We done steaks on it and they were delicious.
love lucy
love lucy Reply to on 6 August 2016
What a great item! Took this camping and was fantastic at cooking large amounts of food in no time - managed to cook a small pan of beans off it too- took abit longer but did it, would highly recommend compared to pricey name brands which in my opinion this is far better and sturdier
northend Reply to on 18 May 2016
Does the job but not as good as the Judge we had before, however, to be fair this was half the price. Main issues, thermostat slow to react and grill is not completely flat.
Planty's Reviews
Planty's Reviews Reply to on 4 May 2016
love this, we cook separate meals for our daughter and this fits the bill pefect, we can do all breakfast on one plate, even use it outside for bbq and cleans really easy

very highly recommended
Anonymous Reply to on 11 June 2018
Ok for lower temps
On full power it hits 180° and then the stat switches off and it doesn't turn on again until it drops to 130 ish so there's no temperature control really
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