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William Strunk Jr.
William Strunk Jr. Published in September 23, 2018, 3:06 am
 The Elements of Style:Lidl-pl

The Elements of Style:Lidl-pl

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Dr W. H. Konarzewski
Dr W. H. Konarzewski Reply to on 10 June 2015
This is a concise and helpful book designed to eliminate clumsy and incorrect usage of English.
To give a few examples:
'Less than ten' is incorrect, whilst 'fewer than ten' is correct.
'This man, who is my friend,' is better written 'This man, my friend,'
'I should like tea' is usually correct, 'I would like tea' is usually not.
'Worthwhile' is best avoided altogether - not exactly incorrect but poor style.
And so it goes on.
I found this book moderately useful, although it does seem to concentrate on American English rather than UK English. Some of the advice doesn't apply on this side of the Atlantic. For example, we tend not to use `most' as an abbreviation of `almost' so we're not going to make the mistake of saying `most everyone' as many Americans do.

Some reviewers commented that the kindle version was hard to read, but I didn't have any problems with it. I think it must have been reformatted as a result of some early negative reviews.

On the whole this is a great book for anyone who's got into sloppy writing habits (like me). Stephen King recommends it in his book `On Writing' - and recommendations don't get much stronger than that. It's probably fair to summarise the message of the book by saying `express yourself in as few words as possible and be as precise as possible'.
Rebekah B
Rebekah B Reply to on 17 May 2018
I wield this book furiously at anyone who dares to disagree with my prolific use of the Oxford comma or punctuation-light lists. This was a required textbook on my BA Creative Writing and I still have it sat next to me on my desk at work nearly ten years later. Strunk and White is a handy quick reference guide for good grammar, style, and layout. Despite being a relatively old book the rules in it are timeless, and the writing style of the book itself is uncluttered and easy to follow. Every rule in the book is supported by examples to ease your understanding, making them much easier to apply to your own writing style.
hfffoman Reply to on 15 April 2015
This is a precise book full of detailed advice. The first time I read it I was expecting general advice in different styles of writing. It does not provide that but it is packed with excellent, balanced advice. I can remember when Fowler's was the standard reference but Fowler's is too dated and Strunk & White is probably now the authority on matters of style.

When you have read this book, you will understand that a great deal of good writing is not just about crafting words with skill, it is about getting a clear idea of the logical relation between the ideas in every sentence. Once you understand that, you will not only create better prose but you will do it with less effort.
Lois Robinson
Lois Robinson Reply to on 17 March 2018
Since studying at university and graduating, I have kept this book in arms reach on my work desk since! I’m not the best with grammar, and it’s so reassuring to be able to just quickly check something over if your unsure, particularly when writing papers or minutes in a professional capacity.

It’s also really small and light, so could be kept in a handbag at all times! I think anyone studying in the English language should have a copy of this, from as young as possible, so they have the confidence to use grammar correctly, and to be able to define their writing style.
J. L.
J. L. Reply to on 22 December 2015
Please watch out! I bought the wrong version too like some others and it is literally useless - no formatting at all. It does not look like a legit product and I am very disappointed Amazon would even sell such a product. I will try to return it as defect.

Avoid the one with ISBN-13: 978-1480096257. The Elements of Style

The book itself is amazing though so I am split about the rating but I hope this can help others avoid the same mistake I did.

Edit: Amazon was very kind to help with a refund so I changed my rating to 5. I still hope others will buy the right version!
Stuart Brown
Stuart Brown Reply to on 29 November 2013
I bought this to brush up on some essential grammer after having it recommended by Stephen King in his book "On Writing".

Naturally, it is a work of non-fiction (and about grammar no less!) So you won't find yourself on the edge of your seat or anything as you read it. But you will find it softly engaging and interesting and find yourself pulled into the mindset of those people who take grammar a good deal more seriously than most of us.

Particularly helpful is the fact that each recommendation comes with examples, so that you can see in practice what he is actually talking about, and that each part is not overly long, so you don't feel the need to reach for the metaphorical gun to put yourself out of your misery!

If you set aside the contents, introduction and appendix then this book is only 85 pages long, which I actually saw as a good thing. No doubt there are books on grammar that can quite happily be used as tables in their own right, but I wonder how many normal people actually read them?

It's a bit like Stephen Hawking's "Brief History of Time" in that owning a copy of such tomes doesn't automatically mean you have read them!

This one I have read. I honestly don't know if it improved my grammar much (oh ok I do...It didn't! I think you would need to make more than a casual study of this to really improve much). But the door is at least slightly ajar to seeing the light and perhaps, some day, also marveling at the difference between a conjunctive pronoun and a restrictive adverb (something which I have personally never heard of, but which I feel happy to allow some Grammar God to now lay claim too).

Overall, a book that is well worth your time.
Peter Johnson
Peter Johnson Reply to on 13 December 2014
I orded this as a gift for a friend. I remember fondly when I bought my own copy. I was in San Francisco and I was in love with the place. The air was so light and the light was so airy; the town's got its flaws but I was blind to them, riding the trolley bus, visiting the palace of fine arts, and then I found myself strolling along the harbour and I popped into a book shop aimlessly. I was struck by a small hardback book covered in a bright red fabric (note I'm reviewing the softback).

So I am fickle and judged the book by its cover. It happens. It turns out that it's about WRITING style! Ha! So I sat on the jetty with my legs dangling over the water and the bridge from Oakland in the distance. And my life was quite literally transformed. I studied engineering at university and was never formally educated in writing style. This book laid out the rules with inimmitable lucidity. It's a small book, with limited words per page accompanied by lovely pictures. Yet it packs more in that space than you might imagine. Of course, that's the whole message in the book ... omit needless words!

My emails became shorter yet clearer, my writing improved in general; and I became a bit of a fussy reader! In general I was given the tools for the job (I didn't actually know what a semi-colon was before this!).

I mentioned it to the friend I was visiting in San Fran. 'Oh yeh, we all get recommended that at Columbia'. It turns out this is an absolute classic. I totes agree!
Twiggy Reply to on 5 March 2015
Many of the other reviews describe this book as concise. That doesn't quite prepare you for the shock of discovering just how thin, small and short the book is when you get it in your hands. This brevity is in fact what makes the book fantastic. A quick skim through makes you sensitive to aspects of your writing that need improving. Afterwards you can dip into it to consider any particular aspect more thoroughly and of course use it as a reference.

The book contains a few bits of advice that are a bit out of date or not quite right for British English. Nevertheless, a quick look at Mind The Gaffe (Trask) usually clears up any confusion. Another complementary title that goes into more detail would be The Complete Plain Words (Gowers) which is also a masterpiece.

I wish I had discovered the book years ago.
Alex D
Alex D Reply to on 24 January 2018
Reading about grammar is about as fun as it sounds, but it's still really useful to have the rules (conventions?) of writing clearly stated and easy to follow. If you're serious about improving your writing, this is essential reading.
B. Vaughan
B. Vaughan Reply to on 20 February 2018
How did I end up with a book on style for the American language? This text is old-fashioned-pedantic, as are all grammar notes backed by Latin, and lacks open-minded observation of actual usage, especially in the UK.
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